dinsdag 3 juni 2008

Tribe meets helicopter.

How many images do you generally see in a day? A week? Month? Too much it seems since there are so little images that really slap you in the face, or that you even rememeber 4 days later, apart from let's say violent scenes in South Africa lately or Discovery Channel's survival man Bear Grylls eating yet another live animal, but to see an image that has more in it for different reasons. That really touches you.

Some days ago I saw this image of a newly discovered indian tribe somewhere in Brasil next to the Peru border in the rainforest. I think it's amazing. Two complete different worlds clashing. The indians fighting the helicopter with bow and arrow, the helicopter shooting back with it's cameras. Amazing to think what these indians thought at this moment, the fear and anger of fighting that noisy ghost. All covered in your finest battle-red bodypaint suit.

2 opmerkingen:

Yorrit@gmail.com zei

oranje gekte gaat way beyond!

Basco5 zei

I wonder if they realize what's out there beyond the forest, and more importantly what it will be like for them to find out.

p.s. have been loving your art for years, added you link to my blog.

Copenhagen, Denmark