woensdag 15 oktober 2008

PLAKBOEK Eindhoven

Also during the Dutch Design Week the presentation/release of

PLAKBOEK Eindhoven

(SCRAPBOOK Eindhoven)

Me, space3 and Crackrock were invited by the full-time busy Freek Lomme of yourspace to make a book on Eindhoven and it's street-related inteventions and illegal manual visual overload in public space.

It has become a 144-page book, it's an almost retrospective collection of imagery, from people like Baschz, Funest, Eton, Phet15, SOL-crew, Influenza and many more.
The timing is great since the past years almost everything in the Eindhoven streets has been neatly cleaned by an over-enthusiastic city-cleaning frenzy, wanting the streets to be more safe when clean, which is ofcourse a questionable way of achieving this...


Classic imagery of the highs and lows that the influential scene of the notorious lighttown in the south of the Netherlands created is neatly put together in book-form by space3, showing an impressive variety of work once visible or still visible in the streets of Eindhoven.

More information on ordering, a sneak-peek of the book or anything else go here.

THIS SATURDAY 18th OCTOBER @ 16.00 hrs THE BOOK-PRESENTATION WILL BE IN YOUR-SPACE, KANAALSTRAAT 8, EINDHOVEN (there will even be music and drinks jaja)

Ofcourse it's possible to visit the presentation during the Dutch Design Week and get yourself a copy from 19th until 26th October, daily 13:00-22:00, free admission at Kanaalstraat 8, Eindhoven.

The book will cost 20 euro.

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