vrijdag 26 december 2008

Evelien Lohbeck

I bumped into her work in the newspaper ( NRC ), not yet graduated and already prominent media-attention, it reminded me of how important that sort of attention has become nowadays. More important maybe than what it really is about. Good ideas, promising talent but just not as impressive as the article suggests...(the Dutch Michel Gondry?)

more here

Different cups of tea;

MUTO by Blu


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nice little ideas, but I think to say she's the next Gondry is pushing it a bit

the Sam3 movie is great. I really like all the little growing things, and the leaves. Since moving here I've noticed nature a lot more. London has many large and awesome parks, but here I see more things like small birds or mushrooms or whatever. or maybe I just have the time to notice these things now.
The shots of the cyclist (played by many cyclists) is clever. well done Mr. 3

Can you believe Blu's movie has been watched over three million times!?!?! that's incredible!

ben v zei

thanks for sharing the info, lohbeck's work is good, definately gondry-esque.