dinsdag 22 september 2009


Brilliant BBC documentary from Adam Curtis that questions the individual freedom we seem to be so focussed on in a world where digits have outnumbered feelings, emotions well, anything not deductible 10 to 1.
It's from 2007, but it doesn't take mathematic skills to add up the link to our current day credit-crunch-crisis, or whatever people make of it.

"The series consists of three one-hour programmes which explore the concept and definition of freedom, specifically, "how a simplistic model of human beings as self-seeking, almost robotic, creatures led to today's idea of freedom."

It's 3 X 1 hour, but it's worth it.

Check them here:

PART 01: "F*$k You Buddy"

PART 02: "The Lonely Robot"

PART 03: "We Will Force You To Be Free"

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