woensdag 10 maart 2010


Provos, Amsterdam, 1960s, Photo: Cor Jaring

I am really curious to see the publication featuring my work (well just one picture to be honest, but hey)

“Trespass: Uncommissioned Public Art” by Taschen.

Another "streetart" book I hear you thinking? Well that's exactly what I thought some time ago (it's already quite some time they're working on it), but if it will look as good as the preview of pics and text featured on Ethel Seno's blog HERE, it will be a blast for sure.
A promising collection of images going back to the turbulent late 60's, through obscure projects in the 80's, graffiti, art, all that uncommissioned outside stuff that was done before streetart became a googleable genre.
So keep your eyes peeled, I can't really find antyhting else on the webnet yet. Out in June? Guess so!

All in all it reminds me a bit of the catalogue we did for Fundamentals @ MU, placing the past 10 years of "legal and less legal ways of using our playgrounds" in the past couple of decades' perspective, going back to the 60's, 30's even...hope it's just as good. Or better.

Keith Haring, New York City, 1982, Photo: Tseng Kwong Chi

Barry McGee, San Francisco, 1993, Photo: KRINK

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