woensdag 5 januari 2011


Ok. No best 10 of 10 list here...but some images I randomly picked from my random save-as images folder of the past year. Just good or impressive stuff, stupid, nice, stupidnice, funny or whatever.

Fact is the above image was one that really impressed me. The 15 year old girl that was shot dead in Haïti after looting riots. Another pointless death in a pointless effort to control a pointless situation for what reason?

Stealing images of flowers.

Let's make 2011 a bit less pointless than 2010 was.

(Oh..and let me know below in case you need to know what picture is what...)

5 opmerkingen:

piotrek zei

What picture is what? ;)

Eric zei

hi there
whats the image of the explodion over the sea??

GrOs DoUd' zei

Hi, Thanks for the photos.

I was wondering what is the 6th picture from the end (the picture with a concrete 8 in the grass) and where you found it.

Thanks a lot

E.Rosie zei

Eric: check


it was a South Korean military practice

And the 8; don't know a friend sent it to me, I love it.

Junior zei

if you haven't read pinochio the comic book

don't ever ever do.