vrijdag 13 maart 2009


While doing some research I bumped into these collections of DEATH METAL logos, and there is to me a funny link to the "variation in uniformity" of most contemporary graffiti (at least while trying to see it from an outsider's point of view, which for me certainly is the case regarding the metal-logos).

> Christophe Szpajdel
> and some more...(including the all-including MORBID ANGEL logo...I did see them live once)

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Collin van der Sluijs zei

vet! echts iets voor rutger, ik mail hem het even!

jeroen zei

dat is toch van daan van der velden?

stond een tijd geleden een tof artikel van hem hierover. ergens in 2007 volgens mij. check it out

jeroen zei

HIER: http://www.metropolism.com/magazine/2007-no3/crypto-logo-jihad/

E.Rosie zei

Inderdaad, kwam later ook die link tegen in samenhang met het al eerder gevonden plaatje...ADDED!


does the main logo say DARK THRONE???

what's the point of a logo no one can read?

oh. yeah. just like in graffiti...

do you think Death Metal kids see messages written in spiders webs and the branches of trees in winter?

hmmm... could be an idea for a horror movie...

Martyn @ 3024 zei

the ultimate death metal logo is from the ultimate death metal band: DEATH


Mathieu zei

hahaha, I love this shit. How many tentacles can you add to a letter. Would be great to just do this for a year. Produce metal band logo's by the dozen.

The .gif image really shows that even composition of letters and decorative elements is copied.

Kinda reminds me of all the rap covers from Cash Money Records (diamond letters, bags o' cash, fur, etc.). I saw an interview with the owner of the studio who did all that artwork. Can't find it anymore...

Mprimitive zei

Het zijn blackmetal bands... niet death metal

E.Rosie zei

Haha sorry, nóg beter!

E.Rosie zei

Haha sorry, nóg beter!