dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

And now for something completely different...

"By serving our customers, we serve our shareholders" it actually is a quote on the website of Monsanto, a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation from the US. Who cares? Well...if eating "good food" interests you in some way check out this documentary that had quite an impact on me:

It's about food and the future of how we will eat it, who decides what is in it, how it's made, what's inside the milk we drink, well...how we live in a way and how that is conrolled through corporations and their power on politics.
Control food, control people. It's scary to realise the powerplay going on.

I'm not a big conspiracy-believer, but as the documentary shows there is not really any conspiracy. It's all happening quite openly, but for some reason (or another) it's not been front-page news the past decades...

It's an "interesting" development in general to see corporations operate above governements and democratic processes and how this makes "freedom of choice" (or freedom / democracy in general) a rather questionable topic. Consumers don't matter, it's shareholders that matter. More profits, more problems. Think about the impact of corporate lobbying on the "liberation" of Iraq for instance, the slow progress of the car-manufacturing industry, the lack of will of oil companies like Shell to improve their sustainable capacities since they're simply not profitable enough, or the startling powerplay of banks and their public (ir)responsibility lately, nothing seems to be surprising anymore, it seems that it can't get more crazy than it is real.

Oh..and what to do about it, I'm still figuring that one out. Any ideas?

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E.Rosie zei




I saw this documentary a couple years ago and it started a whole process of caring a lot more for what I eat and documenting myself on the subject. Read "fast food nation" and if you were still taking guilty trip to a chain of fast food thinking once in a while can't really hurt me, well you will change your mind!

Remember Ghandi said: Be the change you want to see around you"

E.Rosie zei

Sure thing. We are what we eat...and what companies want us to. So it will eventually lead us back to eating from our own garden...like in the middle ages more or less, talking about progress ;-)

Just wait and see what that Codex Alimentarius will bring us...

capitano jings zei

Human greed knows no bounds.

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