maandag 12 oktober 2009


Proud to be part of this exhibition, GENESIS in the brand new gallery that puts London back on the map; CHAPTER ONE. Thanks a lot for all the hard work putting this together, it takes 4 brave (and probably insane) men to start a gallery right in the middle of London (and in the middle of a recession as well), respect!

Here a little (late) photo report (in addition to this one at Trendbeheer)
Ok. Like this?
Piccadilly Circus, like visiting the Eiffeltower of London...sort of.
A few hours before the opening, stress is a four letter word according to Al.
Gallery-owners Tim and Al watch Dave trying to put up the sign, if only the sticker was made the right way. I wonder if it is up by now?
I absolutely love this piece bySamuel Francois.
Collage-kingMichael Swaney.
Four times Stefan Marx.
A big crowd showed up London-style (outside).
A beautiful Mudwig Dans.
...and Merijn Hos.
Oh..and 3 of my "Horror Vacui paintings, that look a bit like this:

What is a night in London (well, the UK in general) without drinking pints?
And a fresh contribution to London's saturated streets on the way back home by the fine Italian RUN.


2 opmerkingen:

lousylivin zei

haha yesss! Nice! Great, the smallest on the ladder, the two guys holding, the tallest shoting the photograph. ( me getting fruit salad, or sweeping the floor in the basement) Good to meet you Holmes!

jeroen zei

pitty i had to miss that one again too..
next time, next time ;)