maandag 27 april 2009


You can even show your instrument at the exhibition.

(Haha they get more and more crazy every week!)

donderdag 23 april 2009

Spring? Summer!

Daedelus LA Nocturn by Eli Stonberg from Alfred Darlington on Vimeo.

LA Nocturn by Daedelus (thanks Martyn).

dinsdag 21 april 2009

HORROR VACUI - the zine / shirt.

I forgot to post this...part of the "HORROR VACUI" exhibition was a printed zine, that turned out really nice! Here are some pictures, and you can order it through Sixpack here.

...or with shirt here.

zaterdag 18 april 2009


You can look trendy as a real dandy.

vrijdag 17 april 2009

Steven Hill's Movie Title Screens Page

I love 360°, full spectrum, A-Z sites like this, especially related to hand-drawn classic type as much as I almost hate them for being the metaphor of all that is both good and bad about the internet in relation to "discovery". It's great to "discover" a site like this on the net...and afterwards it seems there is almost nothing to discover anymore related to a topic like this...been there, done that.

If you have some (loads of) time, check it out here.

donderdag 16 april 2009

Yorit's police fetish.

Check it here.

tag: haha

woensdag 15 april 2009


Wow..That will be some night! Some line-up! Brainfeeder @ Club Love, NYC.

The day after Martyn will play at Cielo NYC, and it's hilarious to see (sort of) the rrrremix of the flyer for that night that somebody at Cielo probably did...using my image of Martyn's Great Lengths. Really funny. I like the "N" guys, thanks. We thought we had everything in control concerning the artwork haha...have a good one! Next time I'll be there as well...and I'll do the flyer!


You will take your little friend for a walk with pride.

Reflections of the muse.

I love this serie of Mandy Corrado, "Reflections of the muse", the classic model picturing herself in a complex mix-up of elements of classic art vs internet "partypic" self-portraits, a bizarre kaleidoscope of representation. Especially the pictures where she is also visible in the artist's representations as a clay sculpture or painting...really nice. Mandy Corrado

from TB

vrijdag 10 april 2009


I found this on youtube, far more steady filming compared to my own shaky filming...for obvious reasons. Overall quite an impressive performance as you can expect from this magician, a slow start and a brutal finish, with some really sweet moments in between...I really liked hearing that old Classics / Analogue Bubblebath sound that got me into listening to Afx around 1994. Check it:

East Eric

The evil cousin of Katherine Grosse meets the undead Che Guevara meets Satan's kid: East Eric in full color. Check his site.


Oprah certified wieght loss solution

donderdag 9 april 2009

Blu in Barcelona

Blu goes big...again.

more here

The horror!

Never liked chicken really, especially not the hormone-pumped cruel KFC crap, but this is beyond bad's scary to imagine this "trend" in even more progressed forms; companies helping out the community (with the best genuine intentions ofcourse) as an excuse to nibble off even more space for their marketing strategies:

"In honor of our "Fresh Tastes Best" campaign, we want to come and Re-"Fresh" your roads!" KFC president Roger Eaton says in the letter. "Every patched pothole comes with the Colonel's very own stamp of approval."

Read more here one Chicago's finest Lumpen-magazine blog.

Give Pizza a Chance!

"they must have a bad hair day"

Paperrad are on point as always...

from NP at TB

dinsdag 7 april 2009


Flyer voor koninginnenacht 2009 in Eindhoven's finest:


inclusief gegarandeerde kater, wrakke benen en een na-echoënde drumnbass-ragga-dancehall-dubstep-brokenbeats-hiphop-oorsuis tot ver in koninginnedag de volgende dag, wie wil dat nou niet?


Ship of Fools.

I had a really good time last Friday in The Hague on the Ship of Fools, an exhibition with a nice mix of people working in the dark corners or...well, over the borders of the illustration-field. All well taken care of by the fine people of Trapped in Suburbia.

Here a selection of people participating:

Botlek (NL)

Elzo (BE)

Andy Rementer (USA)

Gnot Guedin (FR)

Craoman (FR)

And: KOA (FR), 3ttman (ES), Remed(ES), Raymond Lemstra (NL), Superoboturbo (NL) , Jon Burgerman (UK), Jody Barton (UK), Waste (UK), Iwan Smit (NL), Bob London (UK), Aryz (ES), Emmanuel Polanco (FR), Dav Guedin(FR), Jos Verwer (BE), Erosie (NL) and LouLou & Tummie(UK).

More here and here.

William Kentridge

more here.


woensdag 1 april 2009


Those evil headlights connected to the front bumper with a touch of black paint: priceless.