woensdag 30 juli 2008


A big thank you to Mirko Ilić for sending me the book he made together with Steven Heller, ICONS OF GRAPHIC DESIGN.

It actually is a great publication. "Everything old is new again" seems to be the sub-title, and the book focuses on graphic language from 1900 till 2007. Every year an image is picked out that represents in some way that period, sometimes more obvious than others but always juxtaposed by later and/or older examples. Alltime classics like Piet Zwart, Lissitzky, Lucian Bernhard, Willem Sandberg, Jan Lenica, Paul Rand, Milton Glaser, Jamie Reid, David Carson, Tomato, Eboy etc. get compared to different examples that more or less are visually related or adapted. An all-time post-modern graphic soup so to speak.

I was lucky to be picked out for my "This sticker will selfdestruct"-sticker in the 2003 "sticker culture" chapter.

On the big pile of streetart-post-graffiti-and-yet-another-design-agency-made-a-book publications this actually is an addition since it really shows the timelessness of iconographic imagery instead of the contemporary "claim-to-fame of so much the same". It also shows how hard it has become to define "new" or "original" in contemporary graphics.

It could have been twice as thick actually : )

"A message job through the mouth"

zondag 27 juli 2008

ECMC 2008 KATTENBAK alleycat-race

Friday 25th July, first day of the ECMC 2008 weekend in Eindhoven. I missed quite a bit this weekend but was lucky not to miss the alleycat race. Here some pics:

Bagaboo made some awesome custom ECMC2008 bags.

Also the ECMC2008 "klakskes" looked crazy fresh (as does that pink outfit by the way).

A lot of messengers turned up at the meetingpoint behind MU, near the Lagombra bike track, which turned out to be not the easiest to ride on a track bike (or any other bike actually).

A lot of bikers at the start...

...and some explosion!

Diving straight into traffic (and almost into that bus), at amazing speed...rough.

Point was to make it to a cryptic list of checkpoints that were just handed out before as fast as possible. Eindhoven as an ultrafast puzzle to solve for all the international messengers...quite impressive!

All ended in a bigass party and alcohol + messengers = nudity...apparently.

Off to the tents for a short night and a hard qualification next day ...with a big hangover for sure...RESPECT!

(and welldone Tour De Ville, Laura , Tom and Jos!)

donderdag 24 juli 2008


TOMORROW Friday: second try,extra opening with Dj Kid Sundance, and kickoff ECMC2008 alleycat-race, drinks, bikes and good weather! From 19.30 on @ MU, Emmasingel 20, Eindjehoffa.

dinsdag 22 juli 2008


It was a great opening last friday, loads of people good vibe and good reactions..thanks to all!

For some suspicious reason the pictures taken turned out not so well-focused as expected, but here's a fine and informative selection;

MARTYN on the decks ("but why doesn't he flip his records?")
"I found ze EUNLY whinebuttle in ze building,some beer and a viandel and turned eet into superguud calimucho!"
...quite obvious where it ended.
TRENDBEHEER's finest without battery-power.
Francois Morel discovered one of his items' tags was at the wrong angle so special forces had to be arranged for a last-minute rescue-operation...
..in the meantime...
A flabbergasted visitor.
Co-top-curator JJ looking for his left lens.
All in all a great opening-night, thanks to all.

donderdag 17 juli 2008

FUNDAMENTALS # 03 (before)

A lot of progress is made preparing for the opening TOMORROW, as you can see below...

Blu's personal interpretation of a "top to bottom".

Navid Nuur working on his highlights.

...just in case something goes wrong with Olivier Kosta-Thefaine a.k.a. "Jaques Plafond"'s barbeque.

As I said a lot of progress was made after a hard day of work.

Special last minute delivery from Rotterdam for Jeroen Jongeleen, Niels bedankt!

Better slow progress than no progress etc etc.bla bla..

A good day ended in a good way.

See you tomorrow at 20.00h!

zondag 6 juli 2008

FUNDAMENTALS # 02 (before)

Testdriving his new rollator, JJ enjoyed the Eindhoven sunshine.

Sticky substance and paper applied with chirurgical precision(and gloves).

Arnol came, saw and screamed his blessings.

Luckily the wall was prepared, smooth and easy to paint for Blu. Well...almost.


More preparation-pics soon.


"Legal and less legal ways of using our playgrounds"

A group show at MU, Eindhoven with:

Matthias Wermke/ Mischa Leinkauf (D)
Erosie (NL)
Boris Tellegen (NL)
Olivier Kosta-Théfaine (F)
Influenza (NL)
François Morel (F)
Honet / Allergy / Nicolas T. (F)
Navid Nuur (NL)
Honet (F)
Jeroen Jongeleen (NL)

18th of july - 17th august

dinsdag 1 juli 2008