dinsdag 20 juli 2010

vrijdag 16 juli 2010


Minds Locked Together (Trailer) from BRAINFEEDER on Vimeo.

Nice how a club-vibe is portrayed, seeing this in the morning completely messes up my work-focus! A job well done! I love those legshots...for some reason I suddenly realise how often you look at a club's floor : )


The Film really is a document of life in Sheffield, based around the Electronic music scene, but its also about the transformation of an empty venue , into a place to experience a specific musical event. Of course it features Performers but this is a celebration of the unsung heroes , the Promotors and paying Audience.

There’s always been an extremely vibrant and independent spirit in the City regarding music, with a culture of ‘ well if they dont cater for me i’ll start my own night ‘ – and I’ve wanted to record that for a while now.

The Title ‘Minds Locked Together ‘ is a phrase from a Venetian Snares track that i heard in Flying Lotus’s set about a year ago.

It started out as a commission from MaryAnne Hobbs, to produce visuals for her Sonar Stage set, in June this year. I hadn’t a clue what i was going to do at that time, but knew Roska had asked GiveUpArt to do a graphic visual and Flying Lotus had Strangeloop to do a multi layered animation – well i couldnt compete with those, so i decided to do something with live footage and it developed from there.

Because im essentially a stills Photographer, the film has been shot in a very similar way to a picture story with the same pace and rhythm, and its styled as close to my stills work as I could get.

It was filmed over a loose two month period , taking in venues from around the city , from organised Club Nights to Underground Raves, and I’ve re edited it together with Humanstudio and a mixed soundtrack by Sheffield producer and DJ Grievous Angel.

The full fifteen minute film can be seen at: SHAUNBLOODWORTH.COM

Camera and Editing: Shaun Bloodworth

Post Production: Humanstudio

Audio Mix: Grievous Angel

from: Brainfeeder

donderdag 15 juli 2010

Oops..forgot this one...

...the NEW BLU! Crazy and even more complex than Muto, 3D on top of the painted 2D...including complete buildings and a crazy crazy climax.

BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

woensdag 14 juli 2010

HYPERDUB vs 3024 go Japan

Martyn and Kode 9 go to Tokyo and Osaka; Exclusive Mix CD for Japan, more here (Japanese only ;-)

Happy to see our logo used on this great collaboration by Hyperdub's artwork-extraordinaire Manuel Sepulveda/Optigram. I like how he uses different "op art" patterns for various purposes, like a personal pallette, playing with repetition in an interesting way.


Crazy clip with a wonderful track. Flying Lotus in MmmHmm, featuring Thundercat. Directed by Special Problems.

Metalheadz podcast #14 by Dj Flight

Great mix, Metalheadz podcast #14 by Dj Flight. Old, deep dirty Drum & Bass together with various new deep sounds. AND it features 3024's Altered Natives "The Bitch" as well. Sweet!

Pane TRV

Check out the work of Italian Stefano Pane Monfeli, somebody who's work is not easy to pigeonhole (?) and I for some reason feel related to for not having one "style" but shifting easily between genres and ways of working but still keeping a certain feel. Good good stuff!

Jeroen Jongeleen / OONA

A little late, but better than never; I am very happy to be the proud owner of one of 43 very well-made catalogues of the work partner in crime (and public nudity) Influenza did while being in Surinam. OONA put it together, and it is a real treat. Try to get your hands on one of these...if they are still available.

Manor Grunewald

Check out the beautiful, well-titled and varied work of Belgiëumique's Manor Grunewald.

dinsdag 13 juli 2010


ZEDZ, GRAPHIC SURGERY and LATE , talking about a sweet combo!

Vincent Broquaire

Really like the work of Vincent Broquaire, a nice combination of vision, humor, skills and intelligence, damn, this guy is good! I laughed my eyeballs out with this video:

Screen to screen from vincent broquaire on Vimeo.

More here.

Thanks Delkographik.

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