maandag 27 december 2010



Nice cell animations from Leo, Finsta and grandmaster Pike.
Rec Mode.

zondag 26 december 2010


3024 shirts, get them here and here! 2 versions, a wrinkled logo and a brush logo. Handprinted in Belgium at Limited Addiction.


HORROR VACUI vs STROOMHUIS vs MARTYN from Jeroen Erosie on Vimeo.

zaterdag 4 december 2010

Stacked Imploded View

Last month I did a silkscreen for my project STACKED at Grafisch Atelier Daglicht during the Dutch Design Week. It's a 5 and 6 colour print on square 40 X 40 cm 360 gsm paper that was turned around it's center at every print run...every image is overlapping the previous one at a different spot but all centered, creating a different result for every print. Here are some versions.


Eroded city cycle tattoo craziness on Flickr. Crazy. Most insane example of my bike drawings being copied without permission ever! But also the best compliment! Thanks. :-)

How good is that?

Category: Public space and all the wonderful ways of playing with / in it.

More good stuff here. Epos 257 it is.

from TB

Stephen Smith

Check out the work of Stephen Smith. He did a damn nice exhibition in MU here some time ago. Good stuff. Oh..and we have a similar pair of glasses.