woensdag 14 december 2011


It's online here...in case you didn't see it yet. Very strong documentary about the financial crisis and why basically all of us should REDEFINE CRIME. No banker ended in prison for what directly or indirectly lead to millions of people really feeling the "crisis" we're in. Oh..or really..we're all responsible for this to happen right? Not so sure about this...The big Ponzi scheme called the financial crisis.

There's no change with the same people still in place.

maandag 12 december 2011

鉄板の上に音が見える?アート 虹色編 大人の科学マガジン

( Only in Japan! Coloured sand vs sound. Yes...it's just sand!)

BALANCE by Wolfgang / Christoph Lauenstein, 1989

Jordi Colomer / Anarchitekton

Nice project en powerful images by Jordi Colomer, Anarchitekton, more here.

dinsdag 6 december 2011


From Liege to infinity, 2SHY.