maandag 22 februari 2010


New shirt for Sixpack France.

Daniel Tagno

Some more here and on the interworld.

donderdag 18 februari 2010


Ok. The quality of Ajax's gameplay may be something to discuss, but for sure the Ajax fans showed some brilliant gameplay here. Hilarious and very well done. An end to end entering the stadium: graffitifo! I really like the detailed concrete platform, including graffiti and third rail.

thanks Yorit

Horror Vacui @ Ship of Fools, The Hague

The show ended, but here is the wall I did as part of the exhibition. Forgot to post it for some reason. It took me about 9 hours in one take from left to right, one constant stream of "visual cortex-drained quoted imagery". I should post the sequence sometime soon.

dinsdag 16 februari 2010


The big lie of advertisement showing it's full ironic glory.

But told with a smile, that makes all the difference, doesn't it?

Funny to see the parallel with the poster I did some time ago on this "subject". The text actually refers to Bill Clinton's quote from the 1992 presidential campaign "It's the economy stupid!", linking this to the present-day (economic) situation. It's the inside, stupid!

"Note to self"

I'm not sure if it really is the answer, but I honestly think we get distracted too much in general by the outside, the image, the sugarcoated varnish of how things look, how things are presented, marketed and twisted instead of what they're actually about.

John Baldessari On The Origins of Copy and Paste Culture

From Wooster. I like how he compares images to words.

zondag 14 februari 2010

Saul Bass" Why Man Creates" 1960

...this is just one chapter of the celebrated film done in 1960. Brilliant stuff.

from Visual Ambassador

vrijdag 12 februari 2010

The Nomadic Condition

One more time the chance to see Matthias Wermke and Mischa Leinkauf's MASTERPIECE "zwischenzeit" as part of a groupshow in Den Bosch @ SM'S, next week friday 19th called "The Nomadic Condition":

"The Nomadic Condition refers to existence as a continuous state of becoming. Nothing is fixed, boundaries are relative and there is no place for a notion like ‘reality’.
Five artists explore this idea from totally different angles: the psychological dimension, the blurring of boundaries between disciplines and between nature and the city, and love of the moment, with neither beginning nor end."

It's just such a fantastic film, a rare combination of beauty and endurance, guts, playfulness, precision and craftmanship that you will not likely see regularely again. Soon. Ever.

Go see.

More Matthias Wermke and Mischa Leinkauf here.

donderdag 11 februari 2010

No bike parking (2010 edition)

Spotted in Breda, thanks Rick Hedof!