zondag 28 november 2010


VJ Elisa of Eyesupply used my Horror Vacui drawings for her VJ visuals at STRP festival during Martyn's set last week. It was great to have an overwhelming 4D surround experience, matching visuals, sound and space. Below is the clip showing Martyn playing "Left Hander" that is out now on 3024, number 010! It was a wicked night with people like Hudson Mohawke, Shed, Monolake, Modeselektor and Floating Points.

HORROR VACUI @ STRP Festival from Jeroen Erosie on Vimeo.

The good thing of seeing my work in the VJ-mixer is that there is a link between the "formats"of the masks used to produce and mix the imagery, it's a very different ( digital) approach to my analog use and abuse of Horror Vacui images, but there are quite some odd similarities as well.

zaterdag 27 november 2010

BLU GOES BIG ( and bold and beautiful ) AGAIN

This time in Rennes, France. From here

zondag 21 november 2010


This week in Rotterdam, all week long!

Print-experimental workperiod with:

Jaron Korvinus
Yorit Kluitman
Jeroen Erosie
Erwin Thomasse
Timon van der Hijden
Merijn van Essen
Sander van Loon
Rens van den Berge

For sneak-peeks visit the website, off to Rotterdam!


Le Royaume

Love it. The idea that this is actually a graduation project, scares the shit out of me...being a part time teacher at artschool. Brilliant stuff. More here from the Gobelins school d'image here.

Le Royaume from Sébastien Hary on Vimeo.

donderdag 18 november 2010

BIG FAT print

For the 3 year Le MUR anniversary I did this 5-colour screenprint, 50 X 70 cm on 360 gsm paper. Send me a mail in case you're interested, it costst just a little more than the amount of colours used. Oh..ofcourse it is the small version of the big Le MUR billboard I did in Paris in 2008.


Briljant in al z'n eenvoud. Dat zal ze leren! Al dat gelul over groene energie, spaarlampje erin en dan weer achterover leunen, greenwashing in full effect...maar ondertussen.

Hier "origineel" vs nog origineler;

Aan de ander kant; ok. Het zal wel een héle schone centrale worden...maar schoner dan de zon wordt het niet.

van hier

donderdag 11 november 2010

Egyptrixx - Start from the Beginning

This video gives a whole new meaning to the word "graphic equalizer". It's a beauty.

Done by Datdatdat.

Egyptrixx - Start from the Beginning from Datdatdat / A. N. Fischer on Vimeo.

zondag 7 november 2010


We are very happy to present:

3024 WORLD

Thanks Mieras!