vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Second sunset

"Second sunset", photoflash, window, skyline, sunset, Rotterdam 2009


BNE on Japanese television.

...and in Amsterdam some time ago.


The money maker.

Nice interview at Creative Review with R.D.E. Oxenaar, the designer of the Dutch paper-money; before that DAMNED Euro came into circulation (nobody was ever asked for that to happen, but Oxenaar obviously must have been angry about it for a very personal reason).
Remeniscence over paper money (well not all obviously, I used mostly the 5,- and 10,- Guilders, although I really liked to have that 50,- in my pocket as well, apart form the amount ofcourse ; )

Check the interview here (the part about the middle finger is absolutely brilliant)


woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Milton Glaser on drawing.


I'd rather see Milton Glaser's drawings, or hear him speak since watching him do both does not show what he is all about to be honest...but what can Milton Glaser do wrong really?

dinsdag 27 oktober 2009

Eduardo Paolozzi

Check a little photo-report of late Eduardo Paolozzi's exhibition in Raven Row gallery, London on Trendbeheer here.

Paolozzi's (1924-2005) work consists of a vibrant mix of references from visual culture of the 50's, 60's and 70's, he sure is a true pop-art pioneer. It shows how much we got used to sampling from this period in today's visual culture it makes his work looks so contemporary, it almost hurts.

maandag 26 oktober 2009


Nice. After Fundamentals it's good to see these extraordinary French adventurers in the Netherlands again;

"The Cabinet": Honet, Gues and Allergy in MAMA gallery, Rotterdam. That sure means skulls, wet feet, calimucho and more calimucho. Chapeau!

More info here, Friday 30th October sure should not be missed!

A bientot.

Pixel-clicks for Amnesty

I still have a weakness for Eboy (it must be my early 90's Amiga-pixel-by-pixel-mouse-click-drawing-background) and seeing this Amnesty campaign is a pretty nice way to link their visuals to an ad-concept. Check it here.

woensdag 21 oktober 2009

Allan McCollum

"The shapes project" by Allan McCollum, really nice. More about him here.

dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

A love letter for you / Love in transit

Talking about hand-lettering...there will be a book out as well on the stupid-fresh project from Steve ESPO Powers "A love letter for you" where he managed to do some 30+ wallpaintings in Philadelphia, situated next to the elevated train-tracks, word-playing with imaginary messages of love to his former hometown.

More on the book here.

I love this one (amongst others):

Fecal Face interview with Steve Powers here.

Joseph Churchward

Happy to bump into this article on the Metropolis M-website about New Zealand-based typographer and designer Joseph Churchward. He used to do and still does amazing lettering, alphabets and layouts, all by hand.

David Bennewith made a book on him, I have to get my hands on that...

Interview with David Bennewith on Metropolis M here.

More examples of work by Joseph Churchwardhere.

maandag 19 oktober 2009

an easy catch

The power of repetitive images showing the sad impact of man's pollution.

The fatality of an easy catch...there seems to be a parallel there don't you think?

check them here

and other impressive pictures by Chris jordan as well.

thanks JB

3 random shots in Amsterdam

Pigeon adbusting, the art of citybird-rebellion.
Mister Tussaud.
Pretty sure the owner of this place rides a fixie with a fluorescent aerospoke front wheel.

dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

And now for something completely different...

"By serving our customers, we serve our shareholders" it actually is a quote on the website of Monsanto, a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation from the US. Who cares? Well...if eating "good food" interests you in some way check out this documentary that had quite an impact on me:

It's about food and the future of how we will eat it, who decides what is in it, how it's made, what's inside the milk we drink, well...how we live in a way and how that is conrolled through corporations and their power on politics.
Control food, control people. It's scary to realise the powerplay going on.

I'm not a big conspiracy-believer, but as the documentary shows there is not really any conspiracy. It's all happening quite openly, but for some reason (or another) it's not been front-page news the past decades...

It's an "interesting" development in general to see corporations operate above governements and democratic processes and how this makes "freedom of choice" (or freedom / democracy in general) a rather questionable topic. Consumers don't matter, it's shareholders that matter. More profits, more problems. Think about the impact of corporate lobbying on the "liberation" of Iraq for instance, the slow progress of the car-manufacturing industry, the lack of will of oil companies like Shell to improve their sustainable capacities since they're simply not profitable enough, or the startling powerplay of banks and their public (ir)responsibility lately, nothing seems to be surprising anymore, it seems that it can't get more crazy than it is real.

Oh..and what to do about it, I'm still figuring that one out. Any ideas?


..on the 37th floor somewhere in Rotterdam.

maandag 12 oktober 2009


Proud to be part of this exhibition, GENESIS in the brand new gallery that puts London back on the map; CHAPTER ONE. Thanks a lot for all the hard work putting this together, it takes 4 brave (and probably insane) men to start a gallery right in the middle of London (and in the middle of a recession as well), respect!

Here a little (late) photo report (in addition to this one at Trendbeheer)
Ok. Like this?
Piccadilly Circus, like visiting the Eiffeltower of London...sort of.
A few hours before the opening, stress is a four letter word according to Al.
Gallery-owners Tim and Al watch Dave trying to put up the sign, if only the sticker was made the right way. I wonder if it is up by now?
I absolutely love this piece bySamuel Francois.
Collage-kingMichael Swaney.
Four times Stefan Marx.
A big crowd showed up London-style (outside).
A beautiful Mudwig Dans.
...and Merijn Hos.
Oh..and 3 of my "Horror Vacui paintings, that look a bit like this:

What is a night in London (well, the UK in general) without drinking pints?
And a fresh contribution to London's saturated streets on the way back home by the fine Italian RUN.


donderdag 8 oktober 2009


Tomorrow evening and Saturday/Sunday in Amsterdam, CYCLIC!, an art / media happening celebrating cycling culture. I will show some bicycle sketchbook-sketches like I used to do ages ago, pretty funny to do them again...

More info here.

dinsdag 6 oktober 2009


Shirt I did for Sixpack France that's just released. It's based on a spam-mail title that I really liked;


Obviously it was for wonderful diet-pills, amazing fat-reducers or whatever fraudelous stuff to buy online that are meant to make you feel better. Or try at least. I thought it made a nice open punchline for a shirt, not directly aiming at people with size XXXL, but we all have our own reasons to wear a shirt with fat letters don't we?

INFLUENZA website additions

Check out some new and not so new work from partner in crime (and drunk dancing):