dinsdag 22 juli 2008


It was a great opening last friday, loads of people good vibe and good reactions..thanks to all!

For some suspicious reason the pictures taken turned out not so well-focused as expected, but here's a fine and informative selection;

MARTYN on the decks ("but why doesn't he flip his records?")
"I found ze EUNLY whinebuttle in ze building,some beer and a viandel and turned eet into superguud calimucho!"
...quite obvious where it ended.
TRENDBEHEER's finest without battery-power.
Francois Morel discovered one of his items' tags was at the wrong angle so special forces had to be arranged for a last-minute rescue-operation...
..in the meantime...
A flabbergasted visitor.
Co-top-curator JJ looking for his left lens.
All in all a great opening-night, thanks to all.

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