zondag 27 juli 2008

ECMC 2008 KATTENBAK alleycat-race

Friday 25th July, first day of the ECMC 2008 weekend in Eindhoven. I missed quite a bit this weekend but was lucky not to miss the alleycat race. Here some pics:

Bagaboo made some awesome custom ECMC2008 bags.

Also the ECMC2008 "klakskes" looked crazy fresh (as does that pink outfit by the way).

A lot of messengers turned up at the meetingpoint behind MU, near the Lagombra bike track, which turned out to be not the easiest to ride on a track bike (or any other bike actually).

A lot of bikers at the start...

...and some explosion!

Diving straight into traffic (and almost into that bus), at amazing speed...rough.

Point was to make it to a cryptic list of checkpoints that were just handed out before as fast as possible. Eindhoven as an ultrafast puzzle to solve for all the international messengers...quite impressive!

All ended in a bigass party and alcohol + messengers = nudity...apparently.

Off to the tents for a short night and a hard qualification next day ...with a big hangover for sure...RESPECT!

(and welldone Tour De Ville, Laura , Tom and Jos!)

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Good work Erosie!
Cooooooool promo materials.