zaterdag 15 maart 2008

Frits vs. Winston

I spotted this situation not long ago, the utterly disgraced but hilarious statue of Frits Philips in Eindhoven, and it reminded me of the story behind Banksy's Winston Churchill image, as he stated in Swindle magazine;

" B: The most perfect piece of art I saw in recent times was during an anarchist demonstration in London a couple of years ago. Someone cut a strip of turf from the grass in front of Big Ben and put it on the head of the statue of Winston Churchill. Later, the demo turned into a riot, and photos of Winston with a grass Mohican were on the cover of every single British newspaper the next day. It was the most amazing bit of vandalism, because it was the perfect logo for this eco-punk movement that was trying to reclaim the streets, bring an end to global capitalism, and defend the right to sit in a park all day getting wasted on discount lager."

In this case ,concidering the fact it was done in Eindhoven after the carnival-period the motive probably was nothing more than wasted kids getting rowdy after the bars closing on their way home in their funny suits. And no, it's not such an iconic image to make a stencil of...I think only the photo will do for now.

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