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TheNew Dance Show 1992

A blog is no blog without Youtube-links...

Absolutely love this, only 5.45 minutes, but some rush and some tracklist:

Box Energy- DJ Pierre
In Synch- Jay Denham (Fade 2 Black EP) Fragile Records
100% Dissin' U- Armando
Spice- EON
The X-Men (Professor X Saga)
Year 2001- Cyborg Unknown
Surgery (Instrumental)- Wreckin' Cru (Dr Dre)
Blow Your House- A Guy Called Gerald

1992 Detroit party-vibe "The New Dance Show".
I remember in 1992 I saw videoclips of Bomb the Bass, and F.S.O.L' s Papua New Guinea for instance that I really liked and were very different than what I had ever heard or seen before. Music with no lyrics or singers or singing faces in the Funny to me now is that I didn't really have any idea of how people actually danced to this due to the abstract videos (that I loved). Great to see that blockhead-energy rush, a black thing so to speak.

The great epileptic freaked out videos of that time that were to me like alien-sightings:

another great one that kept me stuck on the TV screen:

Not to forget this one ofcourse:


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and don't forget this one :)


Anoniem zei

I know ex-act-ly what you're talking about. My favourite show around that time was MTV's Party Zone with that blonde semi-dutch Simone somethingsomething. I guess it was both the music and the videos that got me. The whole rave thing with their weird repetetive fractle and early 3D-rendering video's, combined with corny effects (the turning page, rain, and so on).

That's when I bought my very first record: Charlie from the Prodigy. On vinyl, because it was cheaper than a cd. Arguing with my parents about whether it was 'real' music or not, I felt there was this whole new thing going on made especially for me.

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The Scene, 1982

thanks Martyn