woensdag 20 januari 2010

"It's a happening"

An informative piece of television, brought to all non-Danish-speaking people of the planet through Youtube (switch on the subtitles in the right-lower corner). It's about the Central Station of Copenhagen, which has been going through a renovation some time ago and Per Buur, the Chief Inspector. During the construction they discovered the fully furnished temporary (well, 4 years) home of Adams and Itso, and the beautiful story around it.

It's touching to see the Chief Inspector really being amazed by the whole thing, which makes sense since it's so well done, so detailed and with so much love and attention it's almost scary...especially knowing it wasn't meant to be discovered at all.

L'art pour l'art, but different. Adams & Itso-style.

Here is some other work by Adams.

Thanks to Niels for finding and sharing it.

2 opmerkingen:

gogoplata zei

this touches me very deeply.
the work of these guys moves me instantly in some childhood-adventure-feelings.
i saw similar works by berlin artist at the backjumps 2009

Pi­ge­ni­us Cave
Matthias Wermke

alexone zei

hé hé i have the carton book too
really love the adam and itso work !!!
thanx for this video !!