maandag 23 augustus 2010

PIXPONG - Paint Bomb

Now visible on the 16 x 24 pixel light-matrix on the "Kennedytower" in skyscraper-city Eindhoven, my animation for the Pixpong project. 16 x 24 pixels is even less than the screen on your mobile phone from 6 years ago.

LIGHT BOMB / PIXPONG Eindhoven from Jeroen Erosie on Vimeo.

The theme was "light" and reminded me of paint-bombs used to throw at office buildings that are made of lightbulbs. So the white spots are meant for the building, the black "light bombs" were meant to be against the light matrix. It plays with my mixed feelings about the city-marketing of Eindhoven "City of Light", or, marketing in general.

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PERTURBANO (Pilas Bubbles) zei

Hi,. congratulations for your blog and works are fucking awersome.

salud from Pelucas

Sherman Unkefer zei

Love it - very cool!