zondag 1 november 2009

Part of Rebellion # 3

Yes! I got it! The book made by the people of Publikat in cooperation with Christian Hundertmark (author of "The art of rebellion");

Part of Rebellion #3 Erosie.

Like the title suggests it's part of a series, following #01 (Flying Fortress) and #02 (Dave the Chimp).
Very happy with the result...128 pages with a wide variety of stuff done in the past 10 years or so. Quite a lot of work to select the images since there is so much not in it, but what is in it I am really pleased with. The layout is nice, the book feels good, and it will be available all around Europe, so keep your eyes peeled!

Or get yours at Publikat.

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bartas zei

congratulations ...I hope I find it soon in shop ...take care

Trapped in Suburbia zei

über cool!!

mc gruff zei


baschz zei

nice! ben benieuwd

Anoniem zei

Ooooh maaan!!
Dat is soo biig!!

I remember that illustration with nas and jay-z! that was 2006 or something.
and that bike serie..
At that time Martyn was doing his unimaginable dnb themes like "share my wings", "get down" and all that intergalactic robo stuff.
and soul:r and re:volver crews were all supporting him...

man almost 4 years passed, but how deep it was then and how deep it is now!

keep up the good work EROSIE!
"and keep on doing your thing!"

joongle ;)

E.Rosie zei

Thanks people!

just in case here's the ISBN:

ISBN: 978-3-939566-18-2