woensdag 30 juli 2008


A big thank you to Mirko Ilić for sending me the book he made together with Steven Heller, ICONS OF GRAPHIC DESIGN.

It actually is a great publication. "Everything old is new again" seems to be the sub-title, and the book focuses on graphic language from 1900 till 2007. Every year an image is picked out that represents in some way that period, sometimes more obvious than others but always juxtaposed by later and/or older examples. Alltime classics like Piet Zwart, Lissitzky, Lucian Bernhard, Willem Sandberg, Jan Lenica, Paul Rand, Milton Glaser, Jamie Reid, David Carson, Tomato, Eboy etc. get compared to different examples that more or less are visually related or adapted. An all-time post-modern graphic soup so to speak.

I was lucky to be picked out for my "This sticker will selfdestruct"-sticker in the 2003 "sticker culture" chapter.

On the big pile of streetart-post-graffiti-and-yet-another-design-agency-made-a-book publications this actually is an addition since it really shows the timelessness of iconographic imagery instead of the contemporary "claim-to-fame of so much the same". It also shows how hard it has become to define "new" or "original" in contemporary graphics.

It could have been twice as thick actually : )

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neem morgen/of vrijdag maar mee! vet

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jaman heel dope!